Students of SSB: Meet Anjini Karthik

PC: Gabe Weininger

PC: Gabe Weininger

Like many Stanford students, Anjini came to college excited but also overwhelmed by the breadth of opportunities. “In the beginning, it can be extremely difficult finding one’s own niche,” she says, “Ultimately, I wanted to pursue what I truly enjoyed.”

Anjini explains, “I came to Stanford thinking that there was a traditional path. For instance, that being pre-med was about learning the biological sciences. It took me all of freshman year to realize that at Stanford, and also in life, it’s best to synthesize different interests instead of pursuing one interest and being afraid to explore.”

Now a sophomore and co-chair of the Conference committee, she has integrated diverse interests, namely a Computer Science major and International Relations minor on the pre-med track. Previously an Intel Science Talent Search and Siemens Finalist, she is using her research experience and programming skills to simulate ischemic stroke (strokes caused by decreased blood supply to tissues) at the Wintermark lab in the Department of Radiology. She has also taken classes in global health and innovation and works as a Spanish interpreter at Pacific Free Clinic, which targets underserved populations and emphasizes health more holistically.

Anjini parallels her integration of interests with biodesign, a relatively new field that combines different disciplines such as engineering, biology, and entrepreneurship. She appreciates SSB for introducing her to a fun and inspiring community of students who share her interests.

In the future, she is interested in making interdisciplinary impacts on health care, whether it be through medicine, or technology and effective healthcare investments.