Mindfulness in Times of Distress: Glitter Jars

“So...who’s ever been stressed at Stanford?”
I half-jokingly asked this question to a group of undergrads, PhD students, and faculty on a rainy Thursday night. It was the middle of the quarter, right before the dreaded “midterm season.” With upcoming deadlines for projects and tests, while balancing extracurriculars and friendships, students can feel overwhelmed by all of their commitments.

Neural Nets and Music: Can Artificial Intelligence Be Creative?

Neural Nets and Music: Can Artificial Intelligence Be Creative?

Sound Machines 2.0 is not a techno punk rock band. It’s not even a human music group – it’s a self-playing, auto-composing robot quintet, designed by the engineering firm Festo. By using advanced artificial intelligence technology, this “band” analyzes the acoustic fingerprints of existing musical pieces and then generates and executes its own original compositions.

Students of SSB: Meet Autumn Greco

Meet Autumn! She is a member of Stanford Students in Biodesign’s conference team and is currently a sophomore studying Bioengineering. This New Yorker has been recognized by Forbes, Huffington Post, and Teen Vogue as a rising innovator and an inspiration for girls and women alike as she balances being a biomedical researcher and model.