Acting with Authenticity: Insights at the Spring BMES Industry Panel

At the end of the Stanford Biomedical Engineering Society Spring Industry Panel, Dr. Eric Schuur told me, “You get a head-start hearing these things when you are young.” Indeed, over the past hour—a discussion panel organized by BMES Industry Vice President Alex Maben and BMES Industry Officer Amelia Traylor—three speakers from biotechnological and biocomputational companies voiced insights on essential undergraduate skills, post-undergrad education, and workplace culture.

Spreading Hope: How a professor and Stanford students built an accessible Huntington’s Disease resource

Emeritus Professor Bill Durham is a legend in Human Biology. A former graduate of Stanford, Bill has been with the Human Biology Program since 1977, where he has carried out research on environmental anthropology, the challenges of sustainable development, and conservation issues in Galapagos. But perhaps the most surprising moment of his career came in 2001 when a friend called Bill about a rare ailment that had just been discovered in his family.

How to Cure Cancer with Professor Michael Lin

Biochemist and neurobiologist Michael Lin is developing smart biological therapies that may finally provide the “magic bullet” for cancer. He sat down with Probe Magazine to discuss his dreams and current research projects, and give a few words of advice to STEM students.

CRISPR Technologies at Stanford

CRISPR Technologies at Stanford

Short for “clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats”, CRISPR is a DNA-based system that allows the user to have unparalleled control and precision in genome editing. CRISPR applications are constantly being refined as new research, particularly from Stanford, helps increase our understanding of this system.