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"Healing Hands" by Vy Tran

Vy Tran graduated from Human Biology with Honors and is now a finishing her coterminal M.S. in Community Health and Prevention Research at Stanford School of Medicine.

From the artist

I fell in love with painting when I tried oil painting for the first time at Stanford as a sophomore. Though I've yearned for an opportunity like this when I was younger, my family did not have the resources to support my artistic interest. I am grateful to be able to explore it on my own at Stanford. Being able to pick up the brush and paint has instilled in me a newfound confidence to try other new things in my life as well. As an artist, I enjoy life-long learning and approaching the canvas--and my own life--from new angles.

About the painting

Hospital and hospitality share the same root origin that means home, yet the former often feels alienating rather than welcoming. Healing Hands is a 3 x 4 ft. painting inspired by my volunteering experience at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Emergency Department. I wanted to reimagine a space often associated with illness and dreariness into a space symbolic of human hope and resilience. This work, among four others that I also painted, is now on permanent display at the hospital's Emergency Department and its waiting room. By adding colors and life to the hospital experience, I hope to foster an environment that is warm, calming, and conducive to healing.