Probe Magazine is dedicated to exploring and promoting the intersections of biology with art and technology. As Stanford Students in Biodesign, we write on topics such as breakthroughs, trends, current events, and debates in biosciences and medical technology, and we feature pioneers in these evolving fields.

Meet the Team

Stanford Students in Biodesign Probe Team 2018-19

PC: Glenda Smerin

Ariana Barreau

Ariana is a senior majoring in biomechanical engineering. She is fascinated by neuro-engineering and the clinical applications of virtual reality and augmented reality, and hopes to one day contribute to the creation of impactful and innovative medical technology. She enjoys playing tennis, teaching children about algae, drawing cartoons, and reading science fiction novels.

Kate LeBlanc

Kate is a sophomore studying biology and computer science with the hope of eventually applying computational neuroscience techniques to better understand and treat memory disorders. She is interested in the ethics of healthcare, the neurocircuitry of addiction, and marine biology (especially jellyfish). When not visiting aquariums, she can be found dogspotting on campus and learning to bike without hands.

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Mel Guo
Art Officer

Mel is intrigued by the question: what does it mean to be human? She seeks to find the answers to this question through cognitive science, philosophy, artificial intelligence, art, and the social sciences. Probe is another fantastic, interdisciplinary outlet for exploring this question, especially with its upcoming issue on the relationship between the mind and body. Mel enjoys brie and baguette, Anderson Paak’s groove, art museums, and having metacognitive conversations with quality people.

PC: Glenda Smerin

Fan Liu

Fan is a junior passionate about computational and mathematical biology, RNA biology, and infectious diseases. She is also interested in disease prevention for disadvantaged populations. Besides science, she loves journalism, art, and philosophy, and she hopes to explore the intersection with Probe Magazine.

PC: Glenda Smerin

Tyler Dao

Tyler is a senior studying Bioengineering. He is interested in the interplay between biotechnology, computer science and healthcare needs, and hopes to develop novel tools to improve medical treatments. He enjoys reading, board games, cooking and art.

PC: Glenda Smerin

Kendrick Shen

Kendrick is a sophomore studying computer science with minors in music and biology. He likes to study how the brain works through thinking philosophically and modeling it through computers. He is also eager to contribute to healthcare innovation and the proliferation of quality healthcare.

Innovation by Chloe Barreau

Innovation by Chloe Barreau

Jocelyn Kang

Jocelyn is a sophomore majoring in Symbolic Systems with a minor in Philosophy. She is interested in Human-Computer Interaction and Product Development, and enjoys writing about how technology can be used to aid developments in bioscience. Jocelyn also plays clarinet and is a member of the Stanford Women in Rugby team.


Rachana Mudipalli

Rachana is a freshman planning to major in bioengineering. She’s extremely passionate about the development of biochemical tools that allow us to better understand biological systems and to treat disease. In her free time she enjoys, singing (especially with Stanford Raagapella!), nature walks, canoeing, reading, and analyzing literature and philosophical texts.


Hannah Pingol

Hannah is a freshman planning on designing her own major in biomechanical design and engineering, and is most interested in neuroscience, biomedical devices, and product realization. Outside of academics, Hannah is passionate about music, dance, and theatre, and can’t wait to connect her interests in the sciences and the arts through Probe!

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Emma Tsai

Emma is a sophomore majoring in Human Biology. She is fascinated by the chemistry behind biological processes, the complex issues surrounding healthcare, and the challenges humans face in today’s technological society. She also loves playing guitar, cooking, journaling, and learning about anything and everything.

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Shawn Cai

Shawn is a freshman planning to major in bioengineering or BMC. He is passionate about neuroscience. He loves reading science history - the past never failed to shed light on the future. In his free time, he likes playing piano, listening to music, swimming and fencing. His favorite writer is Saint-Exupéry.



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